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Mobile Phone Audio Device

FX3 is of built-in battery, plug and play, providing ports of earphone, headset, microphone, accompaniment, live stream and charging, which meet various of using scenarios, such as phone karaoke live stream, recording, chatting,etc.
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XOX FX3 is a mobile audio device for mobile online KTV and live stream produced by Shenzhen XOX Electronics Co.,Ltd.
FX3 support single and dual phones live stream, equipped with function of accompaniments via Bluetooth transmission. Additionally, FX3 has built-in autotune, sound changing, reverb, auxiliary sound effects, that is, providing 7 kinds of reverbs, 4 kinds of sound changing, 9 kinds of auxiliary sound effects, as well as with shortcut buttons of one-click autotune, one-click sound changing, one-click dodge ,which is easy to operate for karaoke and live streaming.Features:
1. Mobile audio device for all platforms, support Android& IOS phones. 2.Built-in rich sound effects as reverbs, sound-changing, autotune.
3.Accompaniment input via Bluetooth , making Karaoke easily.
4.Sound-changing or autotune can be used with the reverb meanwhile.
5.Equipped with 7 kinds of natural reverbs, 9 kinds of auxiliary sound effects.
6.One-click dodge, MC ,Presiding, Recite&Funny Live stream.
7.Real-time ears back function, listening, singing and playing synchronously.
8.Built-in high-capacity lithium battery for long-endurance.

9.Metalic body, lightweight and stylish with one-handed operation.




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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!