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Mobile live singer sound card



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Mobile live singer sound card

XOX BH2 is a tailored mobile phone live streaming sound effect device for the demand of KTV live
streaming by mobile phones, aimed at providing convenient and efficient live streaming
experience for live streaming users whenever and wherever possible in design.
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    Shenzhen Guangdong China
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Compact, portable, user-friendly and equipped with the wireless Bluetooth accompaniment transmission function, BH2 has a variety of functions and supports single/dual mobile phone live streaming. BH2 adopts the latest DSP technique and has 4 professional digital mixers, 3 sound changers, 6 aided sound effects and 12 key electronic sound and mixer switches. Besides, it has the noise reduction function! BH2 has built-in plug-and-play high-capacity batteries and interfaces for live streaming, accompaniment, earphone, headset and microphone, which can be used in a variety of scenarios such as mobile phone/live streaming, KTV, hosting, rapping, and voice chatting! Specifications and Parameters
Specification of sound card:48kHz16bit
Signal to noise ratio in playback:97dB(Max)
Signal to noise ratio in recording:81dB(Max)
Supply voltage:DC5V(USB)
Overall power consumption:0.4W (typical)
Endurance:8h (typical)
Product's dimensions:115x52x13.5mm
Product's net weight:90g

1. Compact and portable, broadcast live wherever you go
2. Specially designed for live mobile and PC broadcasts
3. Support mobile phone 3.5mm CTIA interface for live streaming
4. Support mobile phone USB OTG interface for live streaming
5. Simple and easy-to-use control interface
6. Support headset and various microphones
7. With voice changer, electronic sound effects, and digital reverberation
8. Built-in 6 auxiliary sound effects
9. Support background music and accompaniment input via Bluetooth
10. With music docking, support a variety of application scenarios
11. Metal body, long battery life
12. OMTP-CTIA adapter as a free gift

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!