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XOX Brand story

November 13,2017.
Shenzhen XOX Electronics Co.,Ltd was founded in 2008, which is one of top manufacturer of Audio devices,related computer accessories,with a group of over 100 professional R&D engineers,not only for hardware,but also for software.Since startup, XOX has launched several series of external sound cards, audio interfaces,microphones,phantoms powers and related accessories for singing,consisting of scores of products.

As time flying, XOX has run for nine years,though during which period there have been too much glories and sufferings as the first generation of sound card producer in China,we will never stop to pursue our dreams in the future.Since the first product launched in 2008, XOX products have been popular not only in domestic market, but already entered into Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam,Indonesia,Russia, Europe,etc, with “XOX”brand being increasingly known and accepted by more and more markets and consumers. Though the way in the future is not smoothy, we are still persisting in the R&D ourselves,with growing investments in Reserch Plant, innovations in Audio&Video devices according to the changeable requirements of the market.

XOX is consistently improving and creating, aiming to be a creative cutting-edge company in this online fast consuming era. After years of accumulation in patents and technology, XOX is dedicating to provide one-stop online live broadcast devices and services for network anchors. Since 2015, we have been focusing on every unresolved issues, such as noise issues, to which we have developed digital revolution in domain of recording, according to physical characteristics of different transmission signals with unlimited traditional analog devices, which pushed the new digital sound cards and microphones to the market. In the near future, XOX will launch a series of innovative devices and solutions in online Karaoke area, which will bring you fresh audio and video experiences. Sing anytime anywhere, your stages are not such limited as you think!
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